A Closer Look: Why Do We Really Hate the Miami Heat?

December 9th, 2010 by Harrison Moore Leave a reply »
Politics. Unwritten rules. Customs.

Those are some of my least favorite words.

There’s something so presumptuous about them. In essence, they allow people to attempt to govern others lives in areas in which they have no say.

They allow others to pass judgment.

Don’t get me wrong, some unwritten rules are necessary. 

If you’re in law enforcement, always have your partner’s back. 

If you’re an office professional, don’t come in to work rocking out in your favorite jersey and a pair of jeans.

If you’re married, don’t let your appearance slump too much.

Those are in the small minority of unwritten rules that I can understand and respect. There are even fewer unwritten rules I can respect in professional sports.

When an unwritten rule is broken in normal, everyday life there’s usually a bunch of fuss, drama and you never seem to hear the end of it. Things don’t seem to be that different in the NBA given that we’ve spent the duration of the season hearing all about how the Heat broke a plethora of unwritten ...

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