2013 NBA Finals: Why Game 6 Won’t Define LeBron James’ Legacy

June 18th, 2013 by Brett Gering Leave a reply »

Every June, LeBron James and the word "legacy" are bonded tighter than someone licking an Alaskan pole after flunking the cinnamon challenge. 

Nearly three years ago, The Decision baited middle-aged men into a TV trance—hands locked, jaws dropped and eyes superglued to flat screens like giddy cheerleaders watching The Bachelor finale. 

Ten minutes before the announcement, James was an athletic demigod moonlighting as a franchise savior. After he uttered, "I'm going to take my talents to South Beach," he was demoted to a fraudulent, subhuman two-timer.

The sequel to his vilification came in the form of the Big Three's introduction: a pyrotechnic ambush that purveyed a hint less color than a raving Teletubby.

The triad basked in the multicolored glow, channeling the aura of a band reuniting for one last surprise performance before accepting a lifetime achievement award. 

Chris Bosh let out a Jurassic "Are you not entertained?"-like shriek. Dwyane Wade looked like someone who was keenly aware of the surrounding corniness but was contractually obligated to pay off a bet. ...

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