2012 NBA Draft: A Ridiculous Solution to the NBA Draft Lottery

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The NBA Draft Lottery creates much drama and controversy around the league.  Many teams are accused of tanking each year in order to have the best chance to draft the world's best basketball prospect.  

Some have even accused the league of fixing the draft order by playing favorites with the top storyline.  LeBron James to the hometown Cleveland Cavaliers, Derrick Rose to the hometown Chicago Bulls, John Wall to the Wizards after the touching story of their lost owner, and other teams were rewarded with the top pick honor with what seems to be the most drama-filled story at the time. 

To solve the once successful mode of creating a fair balance, many analysts and columnists have come up with varying solutions.  Some have suggested in getting rid of the lottery or putting all NBA teams in the lottery race.  Others, such as Jeff Van Gundy, have suggested that the league should reward teams with good records in order to motivate the teams to compete at a high level every year. 

However, no one wants a team like the Miami Heat to have even the slight chance of obtaining a draft prospect of Anthony Davis' caliber a ...

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