2011 NBA Draft: Handing out Awards for Picks

June 25th, 2011 by Bjorn Zetterberg Leave a reply »

Despite being seen as one of the “weaker” drafts in NBA history, the 2011 draft was one of the more watched offseason events in league history. 

It was fairly uneventful in terms of trades and league shakeups, partially due to the impending lockout, but it’s a draft that will impact play next year.  It was knocked as being lackluster for not having any stars or sure-fire studs at the top, but there are plenty of players who will make NBA rotations and be in contentions for starting spots.  To wrap up the draft, we are going to do a brief overview of who we thought made great picks, got solid value and who might have reached.

That said, SwishScout.com presents “Final Thoughts on the Best & More Questionable Picks.”

Note: On every player, you can click their name or country to take you to a more detailed profile for an extensive scouting report and highlights on the respective prospect.

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