2010 NBA Playoffs: Thibodeau’s Future Depends on a Game Six Win for Celtics

May 27th, 2010 by Frances White Leave a reply »
Tom Thibodeau is known for having a brilliant defensive mind and the Boston Celtics have rested their hats on his schemes.

The first three games of the Eastern Conference Finals saw the Celtics looking like defensive juggernauts. Their help and recovery were so amazing that the Orlando Magic's perimeter shooters could not get a shot off.

Game four saw Stan Van Gundy make his adjustments and Orlando's three point-shooters getting wide open shots.  

Orlando started to hit hard and a normally steely-minded Celtics were literally reeling from the blow by Game five. 

First there was a Dwight Howard take down of Paul Pierce by his problematic shoulder.

Then there was the inadvertent elbow by Howard to Glen Davis' head, leaving him wobbling like a weeble, and eventually causing him to fall down. 

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