2010 NBA Playoffs: Joey Crawford and Ed Rush Defeat Boston Celtics in Game Five

May 27th, 2010 by Stew Winkel Leave a reply »
Let’s talk hypothetically for a moment.

If you were an NBA official and wanted to make sure the Orlando Magic won last night, what would be some things you might try to do?

A few quickly come to mind.

Get the Celtics into early foul trouble.

In particular, get the Celtics big men into early foul trouble.

If the big men are in foul trouble, they can’t be physical with Dwight Howard. 

Also, with Rajon Rondo being the catalyst for the Celtics offense, and Boston having no real back-up, the officials would want to get him in foul trouble as well.

Now, how would you accomplish this?

It isn’t as if the officials can just make an Orlando player take the ball to the hoop against one of these players.

No, what you would do is call ticky-tack, non-shooting, off-the-ball fouls. It can get teams in the penalty quickly. It can get the players you want to focus on in foul trouble quickly. A perfect combination.

Unfortunately, if you are a Celtics fan, what I just described was not a hypothetical, but it was the nightmare of what happened in last night&rsq ...

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