2010 NBA Offseason Created Headlines, But Was It Good for the League?

July 14th, 2010 by Tyler Conway Leave a reply »
With the temperatures rising, moods relaxing, summer love blooming, and happiness spiking throughout the nation, baseball's "Mid-Summer Classic" is normally a majestic backdrop to the United States' celebration of "fun in the sun".

Well, the summer of 2010 has been anything but a celebration.  With a volatile stock market, a dormant job market, a fissured political system, and an ongoing environmental disaster all rocking the nation, there has been more chaos than relaxation in the United states this summer.

Sticking with the pulse of the real world, the sports world's biggest story of the summer has also been its most chaotic.

During the 2010 NBA offseason, we saw the vulnerability of our 24-hour news-cycle at a height of inconsistency.  Supposed news outlets turned themselves into a live 24-hour rumor mill, with one rumor being more far-fetched than the next. 

Respected journalists became no better than tabloid hounds looking for a moment in the spotlight.  Half-facts and untruths were printed simply because they could be true. 

And the public ate up every second of this rapid-fire nonsen ...

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