2010 NBA Mock Draft: Wall to Minnesota, Trades, And More

May 6th, 2010 by Jacob Cordova Leave a reply »
Trying to predict the unpredictable is like racing your friend up a seventeen-story building taking the stairs, while your friend takes the elevator. You probably are not going to win, but if by some chance your friend gets stuck on the elevator with the kid who pushed every floor on the way up and you actually win, it is the highlight of your day. Maybe that is the reason that people do mock drafts even before they have the correct order! It is simply for that opportunity for them to say, "I told you so." Every "analyst" is desperate for that one shining moment he can point to and say, "I knew it, I am a genius." They don't care about the other 25 picks they got wrong because they can just blame it on the unpredictability of the draft. I hate to throw my name in there with the rest of them, but I guess there really is nothing to lose. I tried to look at this mock draft in the eyes of each team. There may be better players on the board but if your team took a shooting guard the year before, I tried to stay away from doing the same. Instead of just looking at scouting reports and where people are projected to go, I tried to add my two cents on how I thought players would pr ...

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