2010 NBA Free Agency: Phoenix Suns Have Some Decisions To Make

June 14th, 2010 by Jess Root Leave a reply »
As the NBA Finals are coming to a close, as a Suns fan what has me intrigued is not whether the Lakers or Celtics win, but what happens with the team once free agency commences.

Offseasons are fun because of the change that can happen. When I play Madden, what I like the best is the team development. I regularly trade away guys who have been very good or draft picks when they have one year left to play—guys I have drafted. It saves me money and allows me to develop my younger players.

However, there are always a handful of players whom I pay big money until they get old. Then I sell them off. I like winning like that. Obviously, it isn’t the same with real people. I have no feelings to deal with as would the Suns with their players.

The Suns have to decide if Amare Stoudemire is that player you let go or the guy they pay as a centerpiece. I believe he is a centerpiece, although many disagree. There are important decisions to be made about salary (particularly Jason Richardson’s and Leandro Barbosa’s) and about free agents-to-be Channing Frye and Louis Amundson.

As a fan, I struggle with the unknown future versu ...

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