2010 NBA Draft: John Wall Will Help Gilbert Arenas Realize His Destiny

May 18th, 2010 by Alex McVeigh Leave a reply »
As America watched the 2010 NBA Draft Lottery tonight, there were most likely some NBA players watching with severe apprehension. 

Devin Harris, Jonny Flynn and others were wondering what would happen to their position should their teams land the coveted number one spot. 

Those players are breathing sighs of relief, but there's one player who should be jumping for joy: Gilbert Arenas. 

With John Wall on board, finally Gilbert Arenas can realize his destiny: as a shooting guard. 

I've been a proponent for years that Gilbert should be a shooting guard. Except for his height, everything about Gil screams shooting guard. He wants the ball with the game on the line. He can beat you in any number of ways. He's got that swagger that players like Kobe and Tracy McGrady have. 

But as a point guard, Gilbert doesn't have that pass-first, help-my-teammates-become-better mentality. 

Gilbert should play the Kobe position, occasionally moving the ball past halfcourt, but mostly moving without the ball, getting himself where he needs to be. 

A backcourt of Gilbert and Wall should ...

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