10 NBA Players We Wish We Could Ship To China

September 30th, 2010 by Lance Pauker Leave a reply »
Athletes get old.

Despite people like Brett Favre and Jamie Moyer who vehemently deny the existence of this phenomenon, age generally has a direct effect on performance. The notion could be understood in terms of a parabola. Once a player hits the top of their athletic prime (generally between the ages of 26-31), their ability to maintain previous talents becomes more difficult than sitting through your four-year-old daughter's three-hour dance recital. 

Like once mega-popular bands victimized by a new generation of music, there are basketball players struggling to hold on to their glory days littered all over the league.  

It's sad to see these players fall from grace. Allen Iverson, for example, a surefire future Hall of Famer and perennial All-Star, is currently unable to find work due to his declining talents. 

Many of these players still believe they have some fuel left in the tank. Sometimes, however, it's just painful to see these once dominant players struggle in such wilting fashion. 

For both their sakes and ours, it may be best just to ship them overseas. With rumors of A.I. potentially balling in ...

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