10 Greatest Lakers-Celtics NBA Finals Games

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There are rivalries and then, there are Rivalries. And, in the NBA, the marquee one is the Boston Celtics versus the Los Angeles Lakers. This one’s got a capital "R". But, this rivalry became this way not from name or longevity but from the heat of battle.   And, the only war that ever counted between these two franchises was their historic contests, on basketball’s center stage, with an championship on the line: The NBA Finals. The descriptions run the gamut. Sweat. Force. Overwhelming Dominance. Heartbreak. Blood. Stiff arms. Exhilaration. Devastation. A Picket Fence. Last second shots. A Massacre.  A baby skyhook. Redemption. A Comeback. And, a rebirth.   The players from both teams are legendary, birthed from the fire of these great battles. Cousy, West, Russell, Wilt, Jones, Baylor, Bird, Magic, Garnett & Kobe. However, legends aren't born or even made. They are cut, like a diamond. And, the greatest games are forged the the same way: through pressure, like a piece of coal that becomes the precious stone. This is what the meetings between the Lakers and Celtics created. Unforgettable games and the players that made it so. But, it didn&rsq ...

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