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LeBron James, ESPN and Sports Entertainment: The Changing of the Game

July 12th, 2010
It seemed only fitting that I had wrestler Triple H's theme song running through my head as I thought about the circus that was LeBron James's "decision." “It’s all about the Game, and how you play it; All about control and if you can take it" Now, I am not sure which is ...

Doc Rivers, Phil Jackson Hypocritical in Response to Cavaliers’ Trade

February 19th, 2010
The Cleveland Cavaliers made a move to improve their team. According to , this move has upset the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers. After attempting to bring in Amar’e Stoudemire, the Cavs worked out a three-team trade to land (former) Washington Wizard Antwan Jamison. Cleveland also picked up Sebastian ...

Martin Brodeur and the Best Goalie of All-Time Debate

December 22nd, 2009
I started following hockey a bit late—in 1994—well after baseball, football and even basketball were established as sports of interests. Living in the south, hockey was about as popular as cricket in the United States. I had no frame of reference with the sport and my father was clueless about ...