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NHL: 10 Past and Present Players You Love To Hate

February 10th, 2011
Love them or hate them the NHL has always had players deemed as goons, agitators and just plain pests.Suspensions and fines are just some of the many consequences these players faced,Loved by some and hated by more these players have left a lasting impression on all those who ever witnessed ...

Colorado Avalanche Are Missing a Critical Component To the Game- Physicality

February 8th, 2011
The Colorado Avalanche is on a four-game slide. The Avs haven’t scored a goal in over 120 minutes of play, and are making it seem like they have retired their skates for golf clubs.  The Avalanche seems to be missing a necessary component to hockey…physicality. The Avalanche has amassed 1,080 hits ...

Colorado Avalanche Lose Important Game to Minnesota Wild: Goalie Woes Continue

February 4th, 2011
It took 33 seconds for the Minnesota Wild to score a goal. Thirty-three seconds…28 seconds. The second Wild goal was scored in 28 seconds. Two goals were scored in a span of one minute and one second. The Minnesota Wild came to Colorado to play hockey. Apparently the Avalanche (read: Anderson) ...