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Baron Davis to Golden State? Oh Baby, Bring the Boom Dizzle Back To the Bay

November 19th, 2009
The Warriors don't even need Monta Ellis, who looked like John Starks tonight in Boston. So this is the beginning of MTK's demand that the Warriors effect the Monta Ellis for Baron Davis trade immediately. Don, dammit, stfu this time and let the Boom Dizzle play...with Curry, Maggette, Radmanovich and Randolph, and ...

Golden State Warriors’ Don Nelson: 70 Year Old Failure Who Can’t Be Fired

November 18th, 2009
Caveat: for the purposes of the piece, success is coaching to an NBA title.  Failure, is not. Man, I love a good, cold, draft beer and hanging out at the pub. And for 20 years, I've really liked Don Nelson because he has always seemed to me like a decent guy. Chilling ...

The Trade: Golden State Finally Starts The 2009 NBA Season

November 16th, 2009
The trade is sound. Steph Jack made it inevitable and the deal works. Little used Acie Law and The-Man-Who-Didn't-Want-to-Teach out ... veteran hard-nosed defender and soft Euro-bigman, in. Now we'll see the three D's from Monta and Steph - Drive Draw and Dish - to Radmanovic for three! or a long two. And ...