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Incompetence on Ice: Why Gary Bettman is the Worst Commissioner in Sports

October 21st, 2010
Most faithful readers will remember my diatribe last year, naming Major League Baseball’s Bud Selig as the worst commissioner in the history of organized sports. I’ve decided that’s not the case. There is one that is worse, and he’s running a sport he has no business running. If the powers that be ...

The Return of Swami McMullen: McMullen’s Bowl Predictions Part 3

December 24th, 2009
Lane Kiffin and quarterback Jonathan Crompton will be ready when Tennessee meets Virginia Tech in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Here we are…the final so-called “minor” bowls before the big bowls start on New Year’s Day. Don’t tell these teams their bowl is minor, though…this is their time, and they’ll go all ...