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NHL Playoffs Predictions 2011: 7 Reasons Why Vancouver Will Beat Chicago

April 11th, 2011
Everybody knows the story.  The past two springs have looked eerily similar for the Vancouver Canucks. May 11th.  Round two. Game six.  Two meetings with the Blackhawks that ended consecutive Canuck playoff runs, with nothing left but Chelsea Dagger stuck in the head of anybody wearing the Orca.This year, the Canucks ...

Henrik Sedin: The Quietest Superstar in the NHL?

December 13th, 2009
Joe Thornton, Marian Gaborik, Henrik Sedin, Sidney Crosby, and Alex Ovechkin. Who among this list doesn't fit? These are the top five, in order, players in the NHL scoring race at this point.  Why is it, then, that Henrik Sedin still looks as if he doesn't belong?  Why is it so hard ...