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The Sports Retorter: Sketch Suggestions for Charles Barkley on SNL

January 5th, 2010
(Originally published on ) I’ve never hid my affection, or is it an affliction, for Charles Barkley . I’ve been a huge Barkley fan since I was a kid growing up in Phoenix, I’ve even patterned my current look after him (think “Round Mound of Sit Down”). When I found out ...

It’s Time to Fix The NBA All-Star Voting and Here’s How

December 31st, 2009
The NBA released the third round of All-Star votes today with one major surprise. Tracy McGrady trails only Kobe Bryant among guards in the West. The same Tracy McGrady, who has been granted a leave of absence from the Houston Rockets and is currently demanding to be traded. We all know that ...