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NHL Fights and the Headshot Debate: Where’s the Science?

October 15th, 2011
It would seem to be dark days for proponents of fighting in the NHL. Our champions in the media are few and far between and the loudest of them (see: Cherry, Don) appear to be descending further into senility by the minute.This week, Arron Asham's knockout of Jay Beagle and ...

Calgary Counterpoint: Why Jarome Iginla Has To Go

December 21st, 2010
I've played with Jarome Iginla.  Well (ahem), I've shared ice with him. We were both born in 1977 and both lived in hockey-is-life St. Albert, Alberta for parts of our childhood. As such, when hockey tryouts came around in early September, me and my goalie brethren would suit up and stand in line ...