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Los Angeles Clippers Sign Odom, Billups and Crawford, What’s Next?

July 7th, 2012
For the second straight summer, the Los Angeles Clippers seem to be making the right moves to improve their team and stay relevant in the conversation for potential Western Conference champions.There are two reasons why this is big news.The first is that people are used to only talking about the ...

San Antonio Spurs: Quietly Rebuilding While Still Eyeing Another Title

March 17th, 2012
The Spurs seem to ALWAYS be in the mix of things. They never have a lottery pick, nor are they ever involved in a blockbuster trade. Yet, they are always in the conversation when it comes to discussing the teams that could win the Western Conference championship. What's their secret?The ...

NBA Lockout: Fight Back by Watching a Hoops Movie

July 2nd, 2011
If you are like me, a basketball-a-holic, you are no longer upset about a looming lockout, because it’s here. The NBA has began it’s lockout of its players and are said to be miles apart from a resolution. The players and owners are further apart than in 1998, the last ...