Vancouver Canucks: How NHL’s Latest Proposal Could Hurt the Team

October 22nd, 2012 by Riley Kufta Leave a reply »
Last Tuesday, the NHL proposed a 50/50 revenue split with the NHLPA. Although an agreement has yet to be reached, it's still possible that the latest NHL proposal will succeed, or some of its terms will be realized. 

One of those terms, as explained at, states that all contracts count towards the salary cap, regardless of whether the player is actually playing. Furthermore, when a player retires, his cap hit is reverted back to the team which initially signed the contract. 

We are proposing that all years of existing long-term contracts in excess of five (5) years be counted against a Club's Cap regardless of whether or where a Player is playing. While such contracts (and Cap charges) can be traded during their terms, in the event a Player subsequently retires or ceases to play, the effective Cap charge would revert to the Club that originally entered into the contract. This proposal is consistent with our other proposals intended to address the harmful effects of long-term, front-loaded, "back-diving" contracts.

If this does become reality, it would have a significant impact on the Canucks in regards to Roberto Luongo. 

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