LeBron James: The King’s Jersey Switch To No. 6 Is Underrated

June 21st, 2010 by Ryan T Leave a reply »
This year, LeBron James submitted a request to switch numbers from 23 to 6. He did it quietly, hours before the deadline approached. The question is, why isn't anyone talking about this?

Personally, I see some major foreshadowing. For one, why this year? He has wore #23 ever since he arrived in the league. However, all of the sudden he decides to switch numbers to honor MJ? Maybe he switched numbers because he knows next year he can't wear No. 23 and wants to make sure he has his second favorite number on lockdown.

Call it crazy, but it all adds up. LeBron constantly speaks about how great Derrick Rose is and how he was obsessed with the Bulls growing up (not the Cavs). Also, the Bulls have the cap space to sign a max free agent and the trade bait to complete a sign-and-trade for another big star.

Sure, people claim he's afraid of Jordan's shadow. But do me a favor, say that out loud a couple times. "I'm afraid of someone's shadow". Kinda silly right? Why would maybe the best player in the league shy away from winning a championship because he is afraid of someone's shadow? Did Kobe run from LA because Kareem and Magic's shadows were too scary?
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